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About Us


Gary and Janice Baldwin founded Keswick Candle Company after realizing a need for a healthier candle option.  They moved back to Janice’s family farm once she received the devastating news that her father was diagnosed with cancer.  Having dealt with the loss of Gary’s father to cancer she had to be with her family during this tragic time.   After adapting a healthier lifestyle, one evening they noticed the black smoke that was emitted from Janice’s favorite candle, they asked the question, what are we breathing?  Janice a candle aficionado began doing research to make candles that were safe for her family.  After months of research and lots of trial and error they were so pleased with their candles they introduced them to their coworkers and friends.  Their goal is to educate others about the benefit of soy. 

Every candle is still hand poured in their kitchen on her Grandparents farm in NC.

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